Nostalgia Just Ain't What It Used To Be

by Nick Knowledge

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"NOSTALGIA JUST AINT WHAT IT USED TO BE" is an EP loosely themed about what people seem to give a shit about, and why. (in some cases WHY?!?).
Written and recorded while I was living in Melbourne for a year, this EP was originally just a personal creative outlet never really considered for release. It is my first solo recordings in two years, and we came at it wanting to return to thick hip-hop roots, but with a creatively liberated, “let’s just do this and see if this works” feel. Musically it is characterised by heavy bass grooves, jazzy samples and trippy electro ear-candy.


released August 27, 2013

Executive Production: Nick Knowledge and Soup
Vocals: Nick Knowledge, Bravo Child, Julez, Sonny Syah, Matt Melei
Production: Jacob Giles, Lunatronic, Actor1, Duncan Maclennan, Soup
Post Production and Arrangement: Soup, Nick Knowledge
Additional instrumentation: Max Wij, Krystel Diola



all rights reserved


iNK Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Think Less.
I had a dream about telepathy/ But then I noticed that's like twitter- I don't care whats on your mind stop telling me!/ lame musings the universe isn't meant to see/ followed by hundreds but really just one lonely celebrity/ a superstar without talents/so I shouted down the rabbit hole and found madness/ outstatused by noobs without status that think their sound matters and so they twitter their bowels habits/ stop going there- thats an overshare/ yeah, and you can sorta pretend, you say you wanna be different just like all of your friends/but see thats just conforming again/ and you'll caught in the end, if you brain aint good enough/ if things going over your head you need to look up/ check the index in depth and in secs you'll hve the world wound around your index/ fingers up for burocrats that just listen to facts and so they think less/ rappers just listen to rap its like incest/ smoke bomb-big breath/ I can't deal with this stress- truth is
"I was too afraid"

And so I looked at this form, and I paused. Over the occupation section I coudn't answer what it was I did. What was I doing?
I'm thinkless knowful, sunk, but hopeful and whistling/ rankless in this age-based system/ you can be the captain of wishful thinking, but your ship will still sink when the bolts go rusty and screws come undone.You can be someone. I'll be no one. Just a young guns with a a day hanging out his back pocket like a flag. I'm a citizen of whatever minute I'm living in. The rest is locked in a body bag.
And looking back up the page, my name. Could I really say that that was who I was anymore?

But at least I never said "I was too afraid"
Track Name: No One Gets Out Alive!
I'm known for crossing the line and then copping a fine and owing more money than I've ever got at a time. I searched my mind and see what did i find? That nostalgia just aint what it used to be.
Hmm that was t just crossing my mind as I lost at limbo with the poverty line. My friends said its fine, God has got a design, but mine must have fallen off the production line, because I'm broke

Put ya hands up
And if you've got no dough
Put ya hands up
and if you loaded give it up
Put ya hands up
Like it's a goddamn stick up
Put ya hands up

No one gets out alive and finds
Another way out
So do what you've got to find that piece of mind
Another way out

I love a splliff just to switch theblueprint but too much shit I'll make you Whitney Houston,
Or Michael, so come clean, sunbeam, you can't moonwalk with propofol stuck in your bloodstream
People say just the feeble stay inebriated but I seize the day on weed and take a leap of faith like piece of cake
Til we cremate my feet will race I'm running just beat my fate for Pete's sake run I've got my life in a sweep stake

Put ya hands up
If you're just putting a joint out
Put ya hands up
Or you're a straight edge boyscout
Put ya hands up
Come on make some noise now!
Put ya hands up

No one gets out alive and finds
Another way out
So do what you've got to find that piece of mind
Another way out

Me and God got a strange relationship cause I believe in what he says, but then, but I'm not sure that he's saying it. You get what I'm playing at?
Cause I don't believe in God but lately I'm fearing not believing in God might give him reason to hate me
So my Jesus chain I'm keeping for safety cause there's a dude above who could easily break me

Put ya hands up
Praise the lord
Put ya hands up
Even if he's not there
Put ya hands up
Act like you care
Put ya hands up

No one gets out alive and finds
Another way out
So do what you've got to find that piece of mind
Another way out
Track Name: Cuckoo
I'm a weapon on the micro, right at home when the lights dim like psycho, off is how i might go, jamming up the river then i punch a little sliver make a high pressure tight flow
And my mind is a rifle, rifling through particles of past present participles to piece together parts and parcels of an arsenal,
And whether centre-stage or soccer pitch, play if for the crowd in this everyday apocalypse,
Never played and lost at this, brain state positive, like my hair follicle test for fresh poppy seeds,
Flow doper than opiates and if you can't cope at least spare me your bollocks please,
Cause people bitching like they're on their knees, really just whinging about their high end mortgage fees
Like its a sort of disease and I'm the cure for all them for real you need to just chill man smoke this and call me in the morning, and when I'm king you're first against the wall and I'll tax all of you for conforming bitches

Boy you only love a drink in a drought
Only love the sun when the lights go out
Only convinced when I ignite some doubt
and you're only pacifist when the fight broke out

and I'm a weapon on the micro blood in the water no type-o psycho
sinking all the life boats, tsunami of geiko
Waiting there to surf on a high pressure tight flow
We're in the same boat I know but the riches ten crew have taken all the light globes plus the nice clothes so the rest of us are left in the dark arctic time zones, I'm done with these mind clones, Force telekinesis as I question their beliefs with a kick i the teeth and watch as they fell into pieces and smoke a sweet bit of greenness
I got the element of genius from the belly of the beast and you unfortunately faced me like elephantiasis. Here's a warning- don't stress for real, please chill, smoke this and call me in the morning
Track Name: 1984
Verse 1 Nick Knowledge
Now its 1984, well, its 2012 but the world is all George Orwell well they might tell you its all well but audit your emails as long as you just do as they all tell and Big Brothers watching me on Facebook for loss of private space to find a way to try and replace my anger with a smily face, but there's no emoticon for bitter, we're told just to work and consume it's madness, get breast enhancements cause less is more is just more or less an empty standpoint, there's new laws 2010 commangments to pull you up and get some answers, just madness, bet your chances but chance is you wont get your hands on those cheque advancements, and wont get your hands on expensive mansions, unless its hands up! at investment bankers, so remember remember, the 5th of November and fuck peace, throw up a V for vendetta

Verse 2 Julez
Nobody want to come last place in the arms race been this way since they carved rocks into sharp blades
in the name try and gain the upper hand with the underhanded approach we forming fists at a fast pace And regress from the lessons of the past places point weapons at bright sparks return to dark ages til;the stars faded and its nothing but vast space and the eyes of the soldiers are vacant in their harsh faces
Darth Vader star wars space invaders pass laws early in the morning no warning for class cases, Heart races as task forces come out of the shadows to point barrells and deploy ammo, world leaders start battles with oil barons over oil barrel in the name of freedom and all that, its a call to arms for the free thinkers and trendsetters fuck peace throw up a V for vendetta
Track Name: Dr. Seuss
As I watch the paint peeling off the walls, felling like the ceiling might fall every time there's a breeze, but really this is all that i need , eyese reeling,m guess i could use some sleep, please
Life on a treadmill while my mind runs marathons
Childhood is roadkill carrion but carry on cause the show must carry on, I think my brain needs a Ramadan, cause I find with all my thinking what I think of it is this, I think I'm over thinking and that ignorance is bliss I'm over thinking over thinking little bits man i need to flick a switch turn my brain off, flame on, hit a little spliff and I'm James Bond, jet pack take off. I may be crazy but at least it's not the blues, I just want the walls to melt and turn Dr. Seuss. Cowboys and black ninja, robots that love you, and caterpillars smoking on mushrooms. Hum a tune.


Now its my nature to forget my instance and always push to get something different
Its my human nature to never be content instead to keep adding to my huge old wishlist
I've been broke and I've been cashed up and i've had the lights cut as bills just backed up I thought it was bad luck and money would end this, but now I'm just as broke but with more expenses endless
Cause its the here and now for for what it's worth moments make memories and memories make lives so lets find a moment, live it out and love it first and stoke that fire in your heart, conscious switch to empty VBs on the carpet just to stay young at heart and its so smart but yet so retarded if you learn to have fun then you've got life mastered
As waves break my concentration and I listen to the sound, lie back on a rock and draw a picture in the clouds, familiar faces in the distance looking down, the loss of a souls is further thatn the farthest ocean, the widest desert but a good friend taught me even the farthest desert can be a positive force if we only find a method